Lakeridge Homeowners’ Association

                                        Knoxville, Tennessee 37922

January 1, 2008

One-Year Homeowners’ Association Dues

           January-December 2008                                         $40.00




Please send check payable to Lakeridge Homeowners’ Association to


Marco Esposito, Treasurer

1634 Breezy Ridge Trail

Knoxville, Tennessee 37922



Dues should be paid no later than February 27, 2008.



*Please return this lower half with your payment and keep the upper half for your records.




For Directory Listing.  For use by Lakeridge residents only.


Homeowners’ Names____________________________________________






Children/Other Family Members at this address________________________

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Email address______________________________________________

(For Email Tree newsletters & special updates from the Association only)

*Information acquired will not be sold or distributed outside our Association.  Thank you for your support!


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